The Johnson School Bus Service Vision

Here at Johnson School Bus Service, we support our customers by providing safe, cost-effective student transportation services that exceed their expectations for reliability and responsiveness. Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in the student transportation industry who has set a new standard for responsiveness to customer needs. Our Four Pillars of Success:

  • We will build a culture of excellence in safety and responsive customer service through leadership accountability and active engagement in delivering our programs and initiatives.
  • We will create an accountable employee base by involving employees in the planning and delivery of responsive customer service.
  • We will consistently deliver reliable and responsive customer service to our customers and stakeholders, and importantly to each other.
  • We will be cost-efficient; we don't want to waste dollars. The organization that provides the best service at the best price wins.

At Johnson School Bus Service safety is no accident. We hold that statement in very high regard. Our qualified maintenance team keeps our buses in mint condition, making sure they are inspected daily, fully insured, and DOT-compliant. Johnson School Bus Service drivers are all CDL licensed with proper endorsements and follow federal motor carrier and Wisconsin guidelines. All employees have a thorough background check, extensive training, and monthly safety meetings.

What some of the first school buses looked like.